LC^3T: Part II

Compared with Part I, the second voyage was more chaotic but also more visually appealing. Not having something terribly exciting to look forward to contributes to a certain lack of focus and discipline on the voyage. On the positive side, I actually passed through some scenic areas during the daytime. My video camera also suffered … Continue reading “LC^3T: Part II”

LC^3T: Over and done with

The bus journeys were often uncomfortable and grindingly boring, but my low-carbon expedition out west went wonderfully, all told. I spent some excellent time with my family during Christmas and at Yellow Point Lodge; I saw a heap of long-neglected friends during the span of a frantic night’s partying; and I got to devote a … Continue reading “LC^3T: Over and done with”

LC^3T: Vancouver to Calgary

The return journey feels a bit like repaying student loans – the cost that comes after the benefit, and which is paid with the excitement and enjoyment behind. That said, perhaps I learned something from the trip out, and the return trip will be less straining. Ottawa does include things to look forward to: friends … Continue reading “LC^3T: Vancouver to Calgary”

LC^3T: Part II strategy

I learned a few things taking the bus from Ottawa to Vancouver. Firstly, dealing with stopovers and bus changes is probably the most annoying part of the whole experience. It is wise to carry as little carry-on baggage as possible. Indeed, a few Greyhound coaches have such small overhead compartments, they leave you with no … Continue reading “LC^3T: Part II strategy”

LC^3T: Part I concluded

The video above should demonstrate why I normally leave the videography to my far more talented brother Mica. Still, I hope it will convey some sense of what it was like to cross Canada by Greyhound Bus, a few days before Christmas in 2009. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays. [Update: 13 January 2010] A … Continue reading “LC^3T: Part I concluded”

LC^3T: Calgary – Vancouver

This last section is happening in what may be Greyhound’s oldest bus. The overhead storage space is too small for almost all bags, so there is zero leg room for everyone with carry-on bags piled everywhere. Still, the end is in sight. One more long and nearly moonless night, and I will be in Vancouver. … Continue reading “LC^3T: Calgary – Vancouver”