Victories and continuing struggles

Photography by Milan Ilnyckyj

Themes: Protest Marches, Climate Change, Energy, First Nations, Occupy Movement, Maternity Leave, Paid Parental Leave, Precarious Work

2011 — Keystone XL protests, Washington D.C.

1/20: Activists protesting the Keystone XL pipeline prepare to be arrested outside the White House

2/20: One day of arrestees getting direct action training

3/20: Activist in Secret Service custody

4/20: Elderly activist escorted by police

5/20: Dignified protest

2014 — Fossil fuel divestment campaign, University of Toronto

6/20: Campaign supporters outside the Office of the President

7/20: 200+ march for fossil fuel divestment

8/20: Student activists protest the administration's rejection of divestment

2015 — Student activists occupy MP Joe Oliver's office, Toronto

9/20: Indigenous solidarity

2015 — March against gendered violence, University of Toronto

10/20: Hundreds of students and faculty march after the university reports threats against women and feminists

2015 — March for Jobs, Justice, and the Climate, Toronto

11/20: 10,000 march for climate action in Toronto

12/20: Marchers at Yonge and Dundas

2015 — Climate Welcome, Ottawa

13/20: Activists risk arrest, calling for strong climate action from the new Trudeau government

14/20: Activists round dance outside Rideau Hall

15/20: Civil disobedience at the gates of 24 Sussex Avenue

16/20: Drummers beside the Ottawa River

17/20: Round dancing at Rideau Hall

18/20: Round dancing at Rideau Hall

2015 — CUPE3902 on strike at the University of Toronto

19/20: CUPE3902 votes to strike

20/20: Union father speaks outside Queen's Park