September 2006

Turkey in December


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In December, my father and I are planning to spend a bit less than two weeks in Turkey. The prospect is very exciting to me, for various reasons. It will be a chance to spend time with a member of my family, which is always very welcome when they are so distant. It will be […]


Happy Birthday Emily Paddon Yesterday evening, I had the chance to meet a group of the fresher (first year) graduates at Wadham. All summer, I had been looking forward to seeing who will be joining the MCR. The rate of turnover is very high, partially because so many of the graduates at Wadham are doing […]


It may be 10:44am. And I may still be awake from last night. But the fish paper is short enough for publication. 4999 words, compared to the original 6800. At least one egregious grammatical error has been detected in the submitted version, but it was submitted to someone in Jamaica who does not answer email […]


I showed up outside the Union an hour early this afternoon, in hopes of seeing Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf speak. Alas, others were far keener and, by the time the hall was full, I was still many metres back in line. As such, I stuck around for a few minutes, looking at the protestors with […]


Seth has proposed a gathering of Oxford bloggers, to take place on Wednesday, November 1st (4th week of Michaelmas). 8:00pm has been our normal starting time. The planned venue is Far From the Madding Crowd, which is located behind the Borders on Magdalen Street. Meeting fellow Oxford bloggers in the past has been quite interesting, […]


Before it goes up on eBay, I thought I should privately advertise the ability of a 256 meg stick of laptop RAM. I originally bought it directly from Apple, along with my 14″ G4 iBook and have since replaced it with a 1GB stick. It is in perfect working order, and should work with any […]


Both here and in Canada, I have frequently heard Guinness described as “a meal in a glass,” apparently on the basis that it is dark and flavourful. It is a position I have always found dubious, so I’ve decided to do some mythbusting. I was going to compare Guinness Draught to orange juice, but that […]


I saw the following astonishing statement on founder Philip Greenspun’s blog: Harvard’s endowment… earned 16.7 percent on an approximately $30 billion stash. In other words, Harvard earned around $4.5 billion, tax-free. After deducting for inflation, in other words, Harvard earned enough last year to purchase a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, complete with a fleet of […]


According to iStat Pro, a system monitoring Dashboard widget, the battery in my 14″ G4 iBook only has 31% of the endurance that it shipped with, a bit more than a year ago. No wonder I have been unplugging it from the wall recently only to find less than an hour worth of power available. […]


A practical question to those who have walked the path of grad school before me: when working on a major research project, how did you take notes on books, articles, and the rest? How did you file those notes? Also, how did you file documents and photocopies that served as sources? All the archivist readers […]