December 2007

As is generally the case during the last few days of a visit to Vancouver, everything has been reduced to an untidy but highly enjoyable attempt to see as many people as possible before I am dragged across town to the plane ride east. Today, I am to see my first ballet (The Nutcracker at […]


Veggie day


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Today involved a visit to a Hindu temple that serves free vegetarian lunches and dinner at Darma’s Kitchen: a vegetarian restaurant at Broadway and Alma. The latter looks like a Yaletown version of the Naam; the former had markedly better food. If there are things out there better than tasty free curry and Naan bread, […]


After asking my permission, a group of authors used one of my photos in their book Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies: Understanding Patterns of Project Behavior. The photo in question is of a Soviet automobile in the Occupations Museum in Tallinn. I am not sure of the precise context in which it was used, but […]


Tonight’s party went very well. Thanks to everyone who showed up. Having the chance to see so many friends during my relatively short time in Vancouver was much appreciated. A few photos are on Facebook.


The Bhutto assassination and the ongoing instability in Pakistan provides one of those situations where we see history unfurling hour by hour in front of us. At one level, it sharpens one’s appreciation for how one action or one individual in one situation can alter outcomes. At another, it reminds one of how dynamic history […]


When I saw a camera markedly superior to the one I have been using for the last two years on sale for about $150, including a 2GB memory card, it seemed that the time to upgrade had arrived. I was drawn to the Canon Powershot A570 mostly because of the image stabilization, which allows sharper […]


Some people are predicting that 2008 will be the year when the internet slows down. The cause is expected to be massive amounts of video traffic, partially driven by social networking sites. All those voice-over-internet phone calls will naturally add to the flow of packets that need to be routed around the world. All this […]


This afternoon, Emily and I were looking through photo albums from when I was a young child. One of many thoughts that occurred to me during the course of flipping through photos nearly a quarter-century old is the enduring quality of such media. Digital photography is a lot cheaper and more convenient, but it is […]


When it comes to elections, there are a number of different kinds of attacks against the voting process that should concern us. Excluding things like bribing and threatening voters, we need to worry about votes not getting counted, votes getting changed, and votes being inappropriately added. In the first case, an unpopular government may remove […]


My favourite reading snack these days is soy-covered almonds. They have lots of delicious umami flavour. Recently, I was surprised to learn that 80% of the world’s almonds are grown in a 600,000-acre section of California’s Central Valley. Since almonds need to be pollinated by honey bees (apini apis) and there is only nectar available […]