August 2010

A friend of mine recently drew my attention to the climate related photography of Robert Van Waarden. The work is beautiful, and makes illustrates some compelling scientific and political points. One especially nice post is: Best of 2009 – 20 Images of Climate Change Activism. The world needs more climate change art.


Alternative title: What to do when everybody ignores you? In the wake of University of East Anglia email scandal, there has been yet another review of the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This one was chaired by Harold Shapiro, a Princeton University professor, and concluded that “[t]he U.N. climate panel should […]


At Ottawa’s 2010 Capital Pride festivities, I found myself thinking back to my Oxford days when I would generally only take a couple of hundred photos a month on my 3.2 megapixel digital camera. By contrast, I took around 400 shots during the course of the parade and the party that followed. Initially, that struck […]


Here’s an odd iTunes bug. Sometimes when you import a CD, the tracks get copied to your iTunes Library and onto your iPod/iPhone when you sync it. Oddly, the albums are not accessible through the ‘Artists’ list in either iTunes itself or on an iPod. The problem results when iTunes inappropriately labels tracks as ‘part […]


In a development that seems to reinforce a number of ongoing trends, it seems there may be oil to exploit off the coast of Greenland. As with other places in the Arctic, the combination of new technologies, higher oil prices, and retreating ice is making it plausible to access fossil fuels that would once have […]


Through Flying Penguin, I came across the remarkable photos of the New York Subway system in the 1970s and 80s. It certainly looks threatening.


Climatologist James Hansen emphatically argues that cumulative emissions are what really matter – how much warming the planet experiences depends on what proportion of the world’s fossil fuels get burned. One reason for this is the long lifetime of CO2 in the atmosphere, with much of it remaining after thousands of years. That being said, […]


The above, famously, is Google’s motto. When I first saw it, it seemed like an embodiment of the ways in which Google differs from other large corporations. They are involved in charitable works, in areas including infectious disease and renewable energy. Furthermore, they give away most of their products, getting the financing from those famous […]


Responding to criticism about Canada’s decision to purchase 65 Lockheed-Martin Joint Strike Fighters (F-35), through a sole source contract for a total cost of about $16 billion, the government has twice highlighted interceptions of Russian bombers as justifications for the purchase. Does this analysis make any sense? Partly, it comes down to what the Russians […]


Perhaps one of the reasons why intellectual property law is in such a strange state now is because of how much the sheer value a single person can steal has increased. The most a human being has ever lifted (briefly) during Olympic weightlifting was 263.5 kg, lifted by Hossein Rezazadeh at the 2004 Summer Olympics. […]