October 2010

Fans of Star Trek TNG and Edgar Allen Poe may enjoy this video: The Raven read by John De Lancie (Q from TNG).


For years now, I have been using BlogLines to keep track of hundreds of RSS feeds: posts on tech and climate blogs, comments on my own sites, updates on the sites of friends who update very rarely, etc. Unfortunately, BlogLines is being shut down on Monday. This is one of the few times when a […]


On Monday, Ottawa held its municipal elections. The physical process of voting achieved the major benefit of electronic voting, while retaining the security associated with paper ballots. This is the right way to handle things. Each voter was given a piece of paper with lists of candidates for the three positions under contest. The voter […]


Facebook uses browser cookies to identify who you are. These are transmitted unencrypted across wireless networks. As such, it is easy for someone to listen in, copy the cookies, and then use them to impersonate you. Firesheep is a Firefox plugin that automates this process. Sharing a wireless connection with a bunch of flatmates? Any […]


I have written before about how the word ‘sustainable’ is frequently abused. People often refer to anything done with the slightest bit of environmental awareness as ‘sustainable’. Thus, it is ‘sustainable’ to bring your own mug to Starbucks or turn off the lights when you leave the room. In reality, a sustainable process or situation […]


In intelligence, the protection of sources and methods is vitally important to continued success. There are few pieces of evidence more convincing than an target’s own encrypted communication, but making it plain that it has been intercepted and decoded is likely to drive the target to tighten security and change up their systems. As such, […]


Change is annoying. Whenever I get anything smaller than a $1 coin, I dump it as soon as possible into either a big jar at home or a big jar at work. My pockets have enough holes in them already, without carrying around thin-edged metal objects. It is no surprise that there are companies that […]


When I was in high school, I took the written test that kicks off British Columbia’s graduated vehicle licensing program. I took some lessons, but never progressed through the multiple stages required to get a full license. I left for university without one, and have never since had much opportunity or incentive to get a […]


On Grist, David Roberts has proposed calling people who are serious about dealing with climate change ‘climate hawks’. I think it’s a promising bit of phrasing, and have written more about it for BuryCoal.

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The Pembina Institute – in cooperation with Environmental Defence and Equiterre – has released a new report on Canada’s oilsands. It concludes that even with optimistic assumptions about carbon capture and storage, greenhouse gas emissions from the oil sands are set to be unacceptably large by 2050, making Canada’s climate change mitigation targets infeasible: A […]