January 2011

One more reason to comment: this site uses WordPress SuperCache as a way of rendering pages for non-commenting visitors. The cached versions are not fully up-to-date, especially when it comes to comments left by visitors. As soon as you leave a comment that behaviour changes for your computer. That means you will be getting a […]


Somehow, over the course of my two years in Oxford, I never managed to go punting. Lest my Ottawa experience be similarly impoverished, I got some skates today and gave the famous Rideau Canal a try. My high-school era rollerblading experience seems to have been surprisingly well maintained, given the comparative ease with which I […]


I put a lot of photography online. I try to put a photo per day up on this site, and I have heaps of photos on Facebook and Flickr. It’s a hobby I enjoy and people seem to enjoy seeing my photos, including ones of themselves. As photo and computer gear have made it easier […]


It seems the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has let the dominant internet service provider (ISP) Bell largely ruin the smaller ISP Teksavvy: From March 1 on, users of the up to 5 Mbps packages in Ontario can expect a usage cap of 25GB (60GB in Quebec), substantially down from the 200GB or unlimited […]


I have been happily using AdBlock for years, with few if any inconveniences resulting. Lately, however, I have noticed websites partially sabotaging themselves for AdBlock users. I suppose this makes sense – they must hate the loss of advertising revenue. It wouldn’t surprise me if even the sites that aren’t taking action in response to […]


When you really rely on a piece of software, it is always frightening to see that there is an upgrade available. That sets you to worrying about the day when your version will no longer be supported, when it may even stop working altogether. You’ve spent so long learning the peculiarities of the software, you […]


The phrase ‘greenhouse gas emissions’ or ‘carbon emissions’ doesn’t cary much emotional weight. It sounds like some nerdy, probably unimportant thing. In reality, our emissions will determine how much the planet warms, which will have a huge effect on humanity. While it’s true that the Earth is better off with some CO2 than it would […]


I realize that one of the bigger sustainability problems of our age is all the waste generated by planned obselescence and the need to have the next big thing every couple of years. At the same time, it seems plausible that for whatever my trade is, a functional smartphone is increasingly a necessary tool. As […]


While it did say a fair bit about cleaner forms of energy, climate change wasn’t mentioned at all in yesterday’s State of the Union address. The absence of any reference was almost certainly politically driven, and based at least partly on an awareness of official Republican hostility to pretty much any government policy that would […]


Here’s a question that I think a lot of Ottawa-area Anglophones would appreciate an answer to: Are there any good French television shows or films available via Netflix streaming? For one reason or another, a few of us could benefit from some revision and practice. I think most people watch at least some television as […]

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