Dewar letter regarding asbestos

Around Canada Day, I wrote a letter to Paul Dewar, my Member of Parliament, about Canada’s export of crysotile asbestos. It seemed classier than holding up a giant “Shame on Canada, Asbestos = Cancer” sign during the Royal Visit.

Today, I got a response setting out his position on the issue:

Any pro-asbestos residents of Ottawa Centre should start bombarding him with strongly worded letters immediately. I am curious what sort of response they would get; hopefully, the same statement of policy with an explanation of why Dewar disagrees with those who favour Canada’s current policy of asbestos support.

It’s good that he has staked his colours to the mast on the issue. Constituents who are concerned about the issue of asbestos should make sure he has voted along these lines the next time the issue arises in the House of Commons. By then, I expect, I will have a new MP (due to me moving).

Asbestos export is an issue I first raised here some time ago.


Everything seems to have come together for me to relocate to Toronto by early September.

There will be much to do, winding down life in Ottawa, sorting out the move, finding somewhere new to live, and applying to doctoral programs for the fall of 2012. I am still not sure if I actually want to do a doctorate, but the only cost associated with applying is work and a modest amount of money. It seems like a good idea to give myself another option for a year from now.

Does anybody know of any good housing options in Toronto available for September? A place of my own is one possibility. Cool roommates would be another, as it would make sense to save some pennies for potential future tuition payments.