November 2012

Today, we collected more than 200 petition signatures calling on the University of Toronto to sell their stock in Shell: I am thoroughly appreciative to the Toronto volunteers who organized the whole event and then pulled it off today. We will be building up our divestment campaign by seeking more signatures, including from campus […]


Something unusual I observed during my last day as a 28-year-old

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My approach to photography is basically to stick with the amount of gear I can keep in a single Domke F-2 bag. That means: one dSLR body, two flashes, a small softbox and 18% grey card, radio triggers, lens hoods, four lenses, lens cleaning supplies, lens caps, a tripod plate, and a few other related […]


Can the Liberals and the NDP please just merge already? Source: The Liberal and New Democratic parties have now spent years operating under the apparent assumption that the key issue is leadership and that if they can just find the right leader they will be able to form a government. I think a much […]


With this website, you can make your own satirical version of Shell’s “Let’s go” ads: Shell is one of the most enthusiastic companies taking advantage of how climate change is melting the arctic in order to drill for oil there and thus cause even more warming. Shell is also the largest single investment in the […]


Apparently, the contents of your bedroom may be indicative of your political leanings: The items at the top correlate with a conservative leaning, while those at the bottom correlate with a liberal leaning. The strength of the correlation is indicated by the number of stars. Source: Jost, John. “The End of the End of Ideology.” […]


This looks rather interesting: “Global Power Shift (GPS) will be a multi-pronged project to scale up our movement and establish a new course, like never before. The basic plan is this: In June of 2013, 500 of us will gather in Turkey — from leaders to engaged community members We’ll train in grassroots and digital […]


Hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) of tight and shale oil in the United States may be the biggest economic force determining the future of Canada’s bitumen sands. The Globe and Mail recently printed an interesting article on how the development of unconventional oil in the United States could undermine the business model of the oil sands: “a […]


Today I am attending a conference on opposing Enbridge’s plan to reverse their Line 9 pipeline in order to carry diluted bitumen from the oil sands to Montreal. I will be posting detailed notes on the Toronto planning forum. If you are in Toronto and have some time before 5pm, I recommend coming out. […]


I am in the middle of grading stacks of undergraduate essays. If I could give one piece of advice to the students, it would be that they should read their essays aloud to themselves when preparing the final version. For each sentence, they should ask: What is the argument I am trying to make with […]