bibliography party

One element of developing has been learning how to do complex cooperative work using a devoted group of volunteers.

This afternoon, we are having a ‘bibliography party’ for our University of Toronto divestment brief.

We will be taking all the sources people have collected and putting them into biblatex format. It will then be easy to incorporate them into our LaTeX document and produce nicely formatted footnotes and a good bibliography.

Then it will just be a matter of finishing each section of the brief and sending it out to experts for comment. It will need to be run by some people who can comment on the science, others who can comment on the law, and others who are familiar with the U of T administration.

In the end, we should have an authoritative and meticulously cited document explaining why divestment makes ethical and financial sense, and why it is in keeping with the university’s existing divestment policy.

Replacing my second flash

Having been knocked over a few more times during the Winter Ball, my LumoPro LP120 flash is now definitively dead.

I very much need two flashes to do the kind of event photography I have been doing in recent years. I therefore need to decide how to replace it.

One option is to get a new LP160. It isn’t as powerful as my Canon 430EX flash, but it’s a lot cheaper (US$180 compared with about C$350 for a Canon Speedlite 430EX II). The LP flash also has the benefit of a built-in optical slave. The big downside is that the LP flashes are not especially tough.

Another option is to shell out $600 for a Canon 600EX. It would be significantly more powerful than my 430EX, and it would actually be able to drive the other Canon flash in a TTL mode, while sitting on my hotshoe.

If I got another flash without an optical slave, it would probably be a good idea to shell out another $300 for three PocketWizard Plus X transceivers. Then I will be able to reliably drive both flashes off-camera at considerable range.