Greens seeking election

Last night I went to a Green Party town hall, with MP and federal party leader Elizabeth May, provincial party leader Mike Schreiner, provincial election candidate Tim Grant, and federal by-election candidate Camille Labchuk.

The event was excellent, with a strong sense of enthusiasm in the large crowd.

The coal phase-out and Green Energy Act make me want to reward the provincial Liberals, but voting Green probably sends the same message (with little risk of accidentally contributing to a Conservative victory, in this riding). As for the federal by-election, anything with a chance of enlarging the Green caucus is encouraging.

CPSA 2014, day 2

I am glad Peter Russell encouraged me to attend this morning’s “Roundtable: Constitutional Conventions, Minority Parliaments and Government Formation“. It has certainly been the most interesting session I have attended at the conference so far. I need to add Peter Aucoin, Mark Jarvis, and Lori Turnbull’s Democratizing the Constitution: Reforming Responsible Government to my reading list.

Next, I have a session on “Voting Determinants“.

Later, I am going to Catherine Dauvergne’s talk on “The end of settler societies and the new politics of immigration“.

Today’s last academic event will be the CPSA presidential address: “What is it a Case Of? Studying Your Own Country“.