Prism Designs “Quantum” two-line kite

I have had so much fun with my $17 Toys ‘R Us DC Sport 60 delta wing kite that I am thinking about getting something more sophisticated to play with: the Quantum two-line kite from Prism Designs. It’s another delta wing, so the basics of control will be similar. It’s tough enough to let other people crash, and has enough power to lift a light still or video camera.

I considered parasail-style kites, but while they may offer a great deal of power, they seem to have a narrower range of acrobatic possibilities.

I basically want something that I can fly in a range of wind conditions, let total amateurs learn on, and possibly use for some aerial photography. I will start setting aside a fraction of what I earn in commercial photography as a kite fund.

It even seems possible that regular kite-flying could have a therapeutic effect on the chronic pain from my collarbone injury. It’s plausible that it could help with both strength and range of movement.

Volunteers needed: July 5th March for Jobs, Justice, and the Climate

If you will be in Toronto on July 5th, it would be great if you could participate in’s March for Jobs, Justice, and the Climate:

Even better, you can volunteer as a marshal to help guide everyone:

If we’re going to deal with climate change, the world needs to change course dramatically and fast. This is a chance to help send that message to our political leaders.