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In perhaps the ultimate demonstration that ‘net zero’ promises are a delaying tactic meant to preserve the status quo which favours fossil fuel producers, Canadian bitumen sands giants Canadian Natural Resources, Cenovus Energy, Imperial Oil, MEG Energy, and Suncor Energy have formed “an alliance to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from their operations by 2050.” […]


Canadians (and especially Canadian politicians) seem to often work from the assumption that so much has been spent on developing Alberta’s oil sands that Canada is now committed to continuing with the project. There are many problems with the argument. Particularly when it comes to new investments, it could be seen as a case of […]


Canada’s bitumen sands continue to be the largest source of growth in Canada’s greenhouse gas pollution, and the biggest barrier to Canada’s fair participation in a global climate change mitigation strategy. Not only does continued bitumen sands investment perpetuate an industry which undermines Canada’s claim to be serious about Indigenous reconciliation, but giving the industry […]


Midway through the boom’s first wave, in 2006, a Statistics Canada study reported that Alberta was in the midst of “the strongest period of economic growth ever recorded by any Canadian province.” Annual provincial gross domestic product (GDP) and population growth both cleared 10 percent. When the oil industry’s champions first pitched the federal and […]


Still, even if it was not recognized in many boardrooms in Calgary or anywhere else in the industry, oil’s dominance could no longer be taken for granted. Climate change was not readily managed like the sludge in a single tailings pond or contained like the mess from a single pipeline spill. This was a more […]

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They stress the unknown future production levels from U.S. oil fracking as important for determining the future size of Canada’s oil industry. They mention this Jeff Rubin report: Evaluating the Need for Pipelines: A False Narrative for the Canadian Economy Abstract: The claim that additional pipeline capacity to tidewater will unlock significantly higher prices for […]


I only just came across it, but back in January CBC News asked a bold question: can the oil sands be phased out? Related: Objections: cash, jobs, and taxes Re-training This is your adjustment time ‘Shut down the oil sands’ is not an extreme position Two things Canada’s oil industry needs to understand Climate change, […]

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Since 1999, the population of Fort McMurray has nearly doubled. Primarily, this is on account of the oil sands: unconventional petroleum reserves whose exploitation is being driven by high prices and geopolitics. The demand for labour is dramatically increasing its price, both directly and indirectly. Apparently, inexperienced truck drivers can expect to make $100,000 per […]


For weeks, the press has been full of reports about a potential election, with the Trudeau Liberals potentially hoping to replace the 147 seat minority which he won in the 2019 election with another majority like in 2015. Speculation has reached the point that a prominent potential Liberal candidate has told the media that he […]


Canada is now promising the UN that it will cut greenhouse gas emissions to 40–45% below 2005 levels by 2030. The government says emissions are already set to fall from 729 million tonnes (MT) in 2018 (the last year with final figures) to 468 MT by 2030. Canada’s choice of a 2005 baseline sets it […]

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