Crystal Protein Order Form
example protein crystal photo

Here's the place to describe your protein model.  We'll be in touch with a quote and maybe a few questions, and the next step is that we build a 3D proof, so you can see the layout before committing.  If the form doesn't serve your purpose, please write or call (831)421-0677.

1.  What structure would you like to draw?

PDB ID: or upload PDB file here: (50 MB file size limit)

If you have one, a PyMOL session file is great here!

2.  How to draw it?  The setup charge ($115) covers any combination of these styles:

Cartoon style example


Arrows for β-strands, curls for α-helices, and curves for the remainng backbone.

Wireframe style example


A line showing each bond. 

Backbone style example


Trace the α-carbons with a curve.

Space-Filling style example


Spheres for each atom form a volume.  Also called CPK or calotte.

Sphere style example


Accents for significant atoms, such as metal ions.

Surface style example

Add a molecular surface?    

Surfaces may cover part or all of the protein.  They are translucent so the structure inside can be seen clearly.

Which parts of the structure should be drawn in which style? 

A picture is worth a thousand words.  If you have a screenshot showing the orientation and look you'd like, please upload it here:

3.  What size should the glass be?

These are the most popular shapes we stock, each can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation.  We're happy to advise if you have questions, and other sizes are available for unusual structures.

2-2-3 1/8"


"Narrow" glass


2 -2 -3 3/8"


"Block" glass

2 3/8-3 1/8-4 3/4"


"Brick" glass


Small Cube
2 3/8"


"Small Cube"



"Tower" glass


3 1/8"


"Cube" glass

Grand Tower


"Grand Tower" glass


Large Cube


"Large Cube" glass

(10-piece minimum)


"Keychain" glass

4.  How many pieces?     Quantities over 10 may qualify for discounts.

5.  Options

How about a text legend? ($20)

Add a name, occasion, or any message.  How much text will fit depends on how large your glass is: usually a few words to a few lines. 
We can also include logos and graphics on request.

Text to add:

Square Stand

A lighted display stand? ($20-45 depending on glass size)   

These set off the structure brightly enough for daytime/office viewing. They're black with a satin finish, with white LEDs that are cool and economical.  An AC power supply is included, battery packs are available.

6.  Anything else?  We handle all kinds of data and layouts.

7.  Your contact info:




Zipcode to ship to

  (or country if not the US)

8.  The delivery deadline, if any? 

Orders are processed Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Please expect to receive your 3D proof and quote on the Tuesday or Thursday following your order. If your deadline is short, mention it above and we'll do our best.

Delivery Times

It's usually two weeks from design approval to shipment of the glass.  If you need yours sooner, we can do it but there may be a rush fee.  If it's now within 5 business days of your deadline, please consider other options.

And if you have time, how did you hear about us?   (If you're a regular, great to see you again!)

When uploading large files, this form may take a minute to respond.  Keep calm....

To reach us directly, please email, or call (831)421-0677 during business hours Eastern time.