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Mythmaster Tips & Tricks

Welcome to Myth Master Tips & Tricks. Consider this Boot Camp, but without the mean-ass drill sergeants screaming in your face. Instead, you will brave the army of a commander who has never known defeat, and the piled dead will reach the heavens; but should you succeed, in an age not yet dawned you will be spoken of as a god!

There are several basic ways of playing each level, each with it's own objectives and style. The tips & tricks for each level detail these ways, individually tailored for the subject map. Some of the basic ways include:

  1. The Orthodox Way - As Bungie intended the level to be played.
  2. The Quick Way - The fastest possible way to get through the level.
  3. The Easy Way - For those wimps who have trouble beating the level.
  4. The One True Way - The hardest, most in-your-face method of pounding the unliving pulp out of the level.

In addition to the basic, overall methods, there are variations on each, such as separate paths to take, and the different strategies used on different difficulty levels.

The tips & tricks pages are currently under construction. If you are interested in speeding this process up and writing a walkthrough for a level or three, please contact us. Thank you.

Before we begin, let us discuss some general tips and tricks on Style. Style, as you should know, is the cornerstone of Mytmastery. Without Style, films are no fun, and what good is a game if it's no fun?

There are three main points to Style: Skill, Entertainment, and Originality. A film must exhibit at least one of these qualities to be considered Stylish.

Skill is an obvious point; take the hard path, be a hero, strive to go above and beyond the level's objectives. Play cooperative with yourself, don't use vets, play on Legendary, kill everything with no casualties (or even better, no damage!), explore everywhere, even play blind! Whatever goal you can think of that is most difficult to accomplish, strive for that.

Entertainment is another important point, perhaps the most important element of true Style. YOU SHOULD NOT BORE THE VIEWER! I cannot stress that enough without using red, bold, italic, underlined blinking capitals. Brief pauses to realign your troops and prepare for the next wave, fine. Preparing traps, fine. But fergodsake, don't play in 16X through the whole map, because when it's viewed in 1x, your three-second pauses will appear as half-minute snack breaks! In other words, keep things moving. You should always be doing SOMETHING, and you shouldn't be doing it for too long.

Originality is what I have called "Stupid Myth Tricks". Found a new trick, something nobody's done before? Great! Show us what it is! Or improve on a known trick, or just sent in the first vid film of an old trick. Easter eggs - not bug or glitches but real easter eggs - are one of my favorite kinds of originality, though I'm always impressed with the new heights of skill someone can go to, too.

And now, on with the show...

Myth II: Chimera