Who is Terrence Brannon

I am just a mirage. Their opinion of me reflects their state of consciousness

Jose Arguelles in his last days on Planet Earth. Speaking of Jose Arguelles here is my Galactic Signature courtesy of The Law of Time, based on the fact that I was born May 11, 1969 at 2:25pm:

Welcome to the impossible task of defining Terrence Brannon! Perhaps my spiritual resume will do the job? My technical resume? Or maybe The Truth exists between all those written words? Oops I forgot the non-existent financial resume covering budget, investment, entrepreneurship, taxes, and retirement. Better get on that one. Perhaps I should admit that “I” am a fiction and impermanance is the great law and quit trying to put things on the etch-a-sketch known as life that WILL be shaken up so that I am soon forgotten about? Heck even Michael Jackson, James Brown, David Bowie and Prince (all of whom I admire) etc didn’t stop the earth from moving when they passed away.

(Theravada) Buddhism

Bhante Vimalaramshi has my favorite practice!

Thought I do like hanging out with the Kwan Um Zen people in South Florida.

Theravada Buddhism, in particular Insight Meditation and the book “Just Seeing” by Cynthia Thatcher, lurk in the back of my mind. No matter what anyone says or what experience I have, the words of this book echo deep and call me back.

And who could forget the Dhammapada: “better to live 1 day and see the rise and fall of phenomena and 100 years and don’t?” or how about The Sutra of the Wise and the Foolish, which I was fortunate enough to come across at the International Buddhist Meditation Center:

What rises must fall

All component things disintegrate

Whatever is born must die

All meetings end in separation.

Such is the great law of impermanence. And thus is why I fall short when I try to make things permanent, solid and ever-existent (such as the divine, Orgasm, connection) when I have the dharma reverberating deeper and deeper and calling me…

Floatation Tanks

AKA Isolation Tanks, Sensory Deprivation Tanks, this is my first love in life. I’ve even started my own religion around them.

Sacred Sexuality

I ‘m involved in this. Love, sex and intimacy … how to define them? How to merge them? Is this merely a form of craving and delusion. As Jim Gaffigan would say: “I don’t know, but it sure is delicious!”

Holistic Healing

I am involved with the Izunome Association, an organization with a powerful multi-decade track record with any and all disease.

I did Tong Ren. It has a 95% success rate with all manner of “incurable” diseases. It works remotely and in-person. I like foot reflexology.

I am proud to be friends with Jay Schwed on facebook. He’s a powerful sound healer.

The Quiet Center was my holistic healing business – organic orange juice and floatation tanks and whatever else was laying around my house – crystal bowls, etc.

Social Networks

  • I spend too much time on reddit as /u/metaperl
  • My meetup accounts – Asheville, NC 
  • Steemit – a reddit + facebook that pays you for what you are already doing.
  • Facebook  and here is my other facebook account… isnt facebook great for having multiple personalities. Do my holistic friends want to know about my high school friends? Do my roommate friends want to know about my computer friends. Do my golf friends want to know about.. you get the idea.
  • Here are my liked YouTube videos.. as Terrence Brannon then again I have umpteen google accounts and liked videos on each… hard to define where I begin and Youtube ends.. oh my account as the TheQuietCenter … the liked videos there.   and what’s this about liking things? That leads you into the 12 dependent links of origination. Pleasure and pain are 2 sides of the same coin (Bill Lakics of Sahaj Marg said that) but Buddhism says it as well.

Street Dance

I love street dance, especially Memphis Jookin. I run the reddit street dance forum.

Money, Business, Residual Income

The US Dollar is not money, it is simply currency. Are you ready for some serious monthly bread? and would you be interested in the difference between currency, money and cryptocurrency?


Diet is a hobby of mine. Yes, it is, just check all the experimentation in my spiritual resume (below). Besides that, mixed martial arts, basketball, soccer, philosophy, Go (the board game).

I’m obsessed with golf!!!

Computer Programming

I was/am a professional computer programmer for 15 years. I dont understand why it is still so difficult. Most everything I’ve done is on github.


Space music, ambient music, progressive rock, anything really, such as:

  1. Golem – Orion Awakes (1973)

  2. Jean Luc Ponty – Modern Times Blues
  3. Willis Earl Beal – just about anything he does

Experimental Film

I LOVE experimental film – surreal film. Jan Svankmajer, Dali, Polansky. MAYA DEREN I LOVE YOU!

Experimental Art –

  • Franz Kline



I like Yoga Nidra meditation. here is my spiritual resume. And if that resume isn’t proof-positive that I am confused (holding all viewpoints simultaneously) then chew on this:

“Enlightenment is freedom from being an individual not freedom as an individual” – Arunachala Ramana, founder of www.AHAM.com … ok so if that is the case why are all these people spouting off about The Secret and creating the life that You desire if You do not exist. I was so confused about this that I asked the Theravada Buddhists about it and confirmed my suspicion that it was just a childish form of lying to oneself about real enlightenment. (Remember: if you think you can, you are right and if you think you can’t you are also right… so there I went preaching to the converted and getting the feedback I wanted…. wow!!!!) Why do all the people charging money want to tell me I am powerful and can create the life I want and all the free systems are telling me I don’t exist?


I should listen to more jokes and tell more. I love humor.

  • Mitch Hedberg.
  • Jim Gaffigan,
  • Gabriel Iglesias,
  • Louis CK,
  • Aziz Ansari
  • Lisa Lampanelli – the Queen of Mean
  • Bill Hicks 
  • Robin Williams

Family, Earth Roots

  1. born in columbia (SC)
  2. raised in irmo (SC)
  3. mother is sherley (brannon)
  4. father is calvin (brannon)
  5. sister is cheryl (brannon)
  6. friend is carol (davidson)
  7. friend is caryn (schlosser)
  8. friend is nancy (jones) – can I “love” her after what she did?
  9. friend is mike (accardo)

My blood family seems to think I have no right to have stronger networks and closeness with people outside of them. They think they can control me with that blood relation.

People I Admire

  1. John C. Lilly
  2. L. Ron Hubbard
  3. Nicole Daedone – at least I used to… long story!
  4. Robin Williams – way too much creative energy for a single body.
  5. Jennifer Rugg – hey wait. She’s my facebook friend. She’s not up on a pedestal somewhere.
  6. Brian Eno
  7. Elton John
  8. Billy Joel
  9. Michael Jackson
  10. Walter Bowman Russell

My friends (shouldnt this be the same as the people I admire)

  1. Carol Davidson
  2. Caryn Schlosser
  3. the new York OM Community
  4. Jennifer Rugg
  5. Raven Infinity on Facebook

Web Domains I Own

  1. TerrenceBrannon.com
  2. TheDeepSelf.org
  3. TheQuietCenter.org
  4. RevShareWorks.com
  5. NewYorkCashMoney.com
  6. MiamiCashMoney.com
  7. LivingCosmos.org (and all of it’s subdomains) – SANT MAT, STATIC
  8. Metaperl.org
  9. IWantYoutoProsper.org
  10. Vital Vastness – the former Living Cosmos that I transferred over because of a database glitch. I could’ve brought it back here, but why not start fresh.
  11. Here is my YouTube channel!!!

Must See Videos!!!

  1. Pink Bat” by Michael McMillan
  2. “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek

Ways to Contact Me

Terrence Brannon thequietcenter@gmail.com (818) 359-0893


On My Deathbed



Last but Most Important

Save for the suicidal and the social drop-outs, most people are living a life to create a better world – the pro-lifers and the pro-abortion people.

So maybe instead of trying to create a perfect world (since the world is not an objective entity), we need to create a micro-world we want to live in.

Having lived in numerous shared living/intentional communities, I feel that there are some basic skills that are required that are not taught in school:

  • How to know and what is knowledge
  • How to communicate in a non-violent fashion
  • Why forgiveness is a better path than revenge.

The Sound of Asheville

Packing up and leaving a horrible clash of egos with my parents on Dec 27, 2017 and ending up in Asheville will show to be the key moment in my life. Therefore “The Sound of Asheville” be a dumping grounds for all the growth out of the dark fertile soil of Asheville, the San Francisco of the SouthEast.



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