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I spent a brief but enjoyable couple of hours with my cousin Ivanka. I am clean and well fed for the first time in about 36 hours. Next major stop: Regina.


Batteries are drained: mental along with phone and music. I bought the wrong batteries for my iPod range extender, but may be able to correct the error when in Winnipeg. I am meeting my cousin there, which should permit a shower, decent food, and mental refreshment. I have been looking places up on Wikipedia as […]


Most of this span will happen in darkness, with sunrise just a couple of hours from Thunder Bay. So far, all the buses have been completely full, though nobody I have spoken to is going as far as I am. About a day from now, I will enter Manitoba for the first time. The AAA […]


The Low Carbon Cross Canada Trip (LC^3T) has begun! Stocks of books and batteries are good, though food stocks are almost non-existent due to carry-on baggage restrictions. I was anxious last night and slept very poorly, but there will be plenty of time for catch-up. 75 hours to Vancouver.


I got an email from Greyhound which confirmed recent headlines: We are permanently cancelling all Greyhound Canada services in the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. In British Columbia, we are cancelling all services as well. This is a shame both for me personally and in general. It means the train is now the only […]


Some of my more notable 2010 undertakings and experiences: The end of the Low Carbon Cross Country Trip Two new jobs The transition from beardedness to beardlessness Time with Emily More than 12,000 photos taken Photojournalism and documentary photography course taken Several Montreal and Toronto visits (one wedding included) Collarbone breaking and partial healing Improved […]


While it has been surprisingly difficult to acquire credible emissions figures for rail and bus travel, it does seem as though the bus is by far the least emissions-intensive way to travel long distances. It will also mean two more days in Vancouver, compared with taking the train. As such, I have booked two three-day […]