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Commercial work

If you like my work, I am available for hire at reasonable rates. You can email me at: .

My commercial photography site is


I am in the process of migrating my best photography to my Flickr account. This will eventually include a running collection of my best shots, as well as an archive of good older work.

Beyond that, photographs I have taken are fairly well strewn about the internet. The following is a compilation:

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I also have many photos taken in Massey College: an independent graduate residential community located on the campus of the University of Toronto. for older arty stuff

I used to post my better photos on my page. They include shots from Italy, the Czech Republic, Malta, Finland, Estonia, and many other places. You can see thumbnails of all those shots on this page; my favourites are here.

Photos of the Day and blog based travel series’

Since the early days of this blog, I have tried to post at least one photo of the day along with a blog post. Those can be most easily accessed just by scrolling back through the blog or searching. The photo essays category contains posts with multiple annotated images, from a particular location, event, or theme.

Also included in the blog are some photo series’ that are not quite arty enough for but still worth seeing. These include:

I have also undertaken to take one photo of each Oxford college, from All Souls to Worcester.

Studio experiments

In 2009, I began experimenting with studio-style lighting. Here are some of the results:

Photobucket randomness

On, I have some miscellaneous images. There are some from the road trip I did with my friends Dave and Tristan, down the west coast of North America and then back up to Vancouver through the desert. There are lots from my departure party, right before I left Vancouver for Oxford. There is a batch from my trip to the east coast of Canada in the summer of 2005: including visiting family and my friend Alison in Toronto and spending Canada Day in Ottawa. There are a few of a bike trip on Galiano Island that I did with Tristan and his brother that same summer.


For information about the copyright status of my photography, please see my copyright information page.

This page was last updated on 16 June 2016.

17 thoughts on “My photos”

  1. I have lost my enthusiasm for I suppose that is obvious from the fact that I haven’t put anything new there since early 2009.

    At the same time, I feel like I should have somewhere to put a collection of my best photos. In the next while, I am planning to set up a Flickr Pro account for that purpose.

  2. Hi Milan – enjoyed some of your photos. Also appreciated the Banking info. as my wife and I hope to be returning to Toronto in the not too distant future – almost pensioners and we will be anxious about where to set up an account etc.

    All the very best – and maybe one day you will get to Belfast and get around some of the tradional music pubs in the West of the city. And get a few photos of some warm and lively people. Good Luck! Brian

  3. I wasn’t too sure where to post this, but I think it may be of interest to you and your readers (despite the word “porn” in the URL, they are completely benign/safe for work/etc.):

    They are fantastic photos of earth and cityscapes.

    Philip Greenspun has some great shots from Turkey, including from the places I visited (Istanbul and Capadocia).

    Interesting, I knew his name from his fairly extensive writings on private/general aviation. He’s a fairly accomplished private pilot as well.

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