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This page is officially marked as absurdly out of date. -2015-03-10

I have created a wiki portion to this website for four general purposes:

  1. To coordinate website development on the various pages I administer
  2. To manage notes and sources for my thesis
  3. To serve as a place to file general information
  4. To generally experiment with the medium

Those unfamiliar with the concept of a wiki should read the Wikipedia article on them.


For information about the copyright status of my wiki, please see my copyright information page.

3 thoughts on “My wiki”

  1. Thank you Milan for your enlightening insights to your perspective and I must say that I can see your point, but I think people have confused the original intent of earth hour. Sure, it may be a ploy to present data at the Bonn UNFCCC andd probably to the Copenhagen Summit, but really….it’s harmless if one comes to an awareness of climate change, isn’t it..? Again thanks for the food for thought and wish you luck on future endeavors!

  2. Presumably, the comment above is a response to my post: Earth Hour, and why it is a bad idea

    What kind of data do you think Earth Hour might be a ‘ploy’ designed to present? Even if it does briefly reduce electricity usage, the effect is meaningless when it comes to transforming our energy system.

    Awareness of climate change is important, but part of awareness is understanding the scope of the problem. I fear that events like Earth Hour will make people think it is a simple problem to solve, and that dealing with it won’t require real lifestyle changes.

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