Queer Bop Update 10:30pm

Queer Bop Tent

The Queer Bop is now in full swing and several aspects of it are quite shocking to me. Firstly, whoever bought guest tickets wasted their money. There is no access control whatsoever and anyone who would want to can wander right in. Secondly, there are no college staff present at all, except for three frantic men working the bar. Given the sub-zero temperatures, the scanty standard of dress, and the excessive consumption of alcohol, all this strikes me as quite irresponsible. Outside the JCR Bar, I saw three goosebump-covered young women vomiting on the ground beside one another. I don’t think you could get away with this sort of thing on North America’s litigious shores.


[Edited at 11:30] There are security people now and things are a bit calmer. Still far too cold and noisy for me – brand me a spoilsport.

Queer Bop Costumes

7 thoughts on “Queer Bop Update 10:30pm”

  1. It’s a different approach here. If you want to blast yourself with drink or smoking, you can go ahead. We will probably tax you near-to-death, but we’re not going to coddle you out of doing it.

    As for the cold: dancing’s the solution.

  2. I’m convinced that many young people don’t develop nerve endings – in their skin or in their brains – until the age of about 25.

    Can’t think of any other explanation for this behaviour.

  3. it’s never too cold or too loud when there are semi-naked chicks around!

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