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The CUPE 3902 strike began at U of T today. I put in eight hours of picketing, and also got photos of all the picket sites on the St. George campus.


I am at Convocation Hall for a meeting of the members of CUPE3902 Unit 1 – the union for teaching assistants at the University of Toronto. We are discussing a tentative agreement which the bargaining team reached with the administration late last night. To me, the proposed deal looks deeply inadequate. They are proposing wage […]


Fresh from the CUPE 3902 mailserver: Friends, A few minutes ago, our Bargaining Team voted unanimously to recommend a tentative agreement. All seven Bargaining Team members believe that this is an agreement we can proud of, with many significant gains for our members. Of course, members will have the final say on this agreement. As […]


Tomorrow, I have picket line training and the U of T divestment planning meeting. I also need to do my readings for the Markets and Justice course Tuesday, which is followed by the normal 350 planning meeting. Wednesday, I have three tutorials to teach. Thursday is the strike deadline, with a rally being held. For […]


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February 18, 2015

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February 16, 2015

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The last couple of days in Toronto have been a reminder of winter in Ottawa. That’s particularly true of the importance of going out in an extra-warm double-layered toque and wool scarf; merino wool top and bottom long underwear; a t-shirt, long-sleeve fleece, and down vest; a long jacket with extra insulating liner; fingerless inner […]


The annual Massey College Murder Game is on. I am up to three kills since it began at 12:15pm yesterday. It runs until 12:15pm on Thursday. I still don’t know exactly who has me as a target.


After a delay, I received formal notice of the results of my second comprehensive exam today.


The first High (and low) Table of 2015 is happening tonight. Some photos should go up later.


For every term of my PhD so far, I have been enrolled in two classes, and sometimes auditing one or more additional classes. This term, during which I need to complete my formal dissertation proposal, I am planning to take only one. I have completed essentially all of the coursework requirements for the PhD, though […]

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