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Alas, due to the enormous importance of cutting global greenhouse gas emissions, I have been travelling far less in recent years. In particular, I have been trying to avoid flying, since it both emits a lot of carbon dioxide per distance travelled and encourages people to travel far greater distances. –This video expresses a bit of what I feel about all this.

To facilitate the location of posts from various trips I have taken during the existence of this blog, I have created the following listing. Trips are listed in reverse chronological order, while entries within trips are in normal chronological order. Note that the corresponding photos can be found on the ‘my photos‘ page.

Vancouver: 22 December 2009 – 7 January 2010

New York City: 29-31 July 2008

Morocco: 20-27 June 2007

Lake District: 1-3 June 2007

Paris: 26-30 April 2007

Devon: 31 March – 7 April 2007

Wales: 9-12 March 2007

Turkey: 4-16 December 2006

Barrier Lake: 8-10 September 2006

Ireland: 16-23 August 2006

Scotland: 27-31 July 2006

Malta: 25 March – 1 April 2006

Estonia and Finland: 16-22 December 2005

Unfortunately, trips from the time period before this incarnation of the blog existed are not documented here. That said, bits of information about them (including many photos) can be found on other sites of mine.

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