UBC professor Kathryn Harrison was interviewed by the CBC’s Front Burner: Where the major parties stand on climate change See also: Green platform promises big, largely uncosted social programs, end to fossil fuel industry Green Party releases platform with promises to cancel pipelines, boost carbon price Singh, Trudeau attack one another on climate plans as […]


Based on my experience of Canadian environment ministers (whatever the department is called at a given time), there are essentially two types. The rarer type is the genuine environmentalist who thinks they can get things done through the compromises of government. They’re true believers on climate change but rarely have much support from cabinet or […]


Back in 2012, Justin Trudeau said that “there’s not a country in the world that would find 170 billion barrels of oil under the ground and leave them there.” At an event in June organized by Bank of America, Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman supposedly said: “We are still going to be the […]


For weeks, the press has been full of reports about a potential election, with the Trudeau Liberals potentially hoping to replace the 147 seat minority which he won in the 2019 election with another majority like in 2015. Speculation has reached the point that a prominent potential Liberal candidate has told the media that he […]


Canada is now promising the UN that it will cut greenhouse gas emissions to 40–45% below 2005 levels by 2030. The government says emissions are already set to fall from 729 million tonnes (MT) in 2018 (the last year with final figures) to 468 MT by 2030. Canada’s choice of a 2005 baseline sets it […]

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Writing in Foreign Affairs, Rashid Khalidi argues: Israel’s apologists in Washington, London, and Berlin naturally trotted out the standard clichés about Israel’s right to self-defense, but they could not mask the changing tone both in the political arena and in the large demonstrations in support of Palestinians in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United […]


In the Pacific northwest of the US and Canada’s western provinces and territories a severe heat wave is breaking all-time temperature records. The region generally benefits from moderate year-round temperatures, both because the nearby and massive Pacific ocean takes in heat in the summer and releases it in the winter and because prevailing winds from […]


One of the revelations about fighting climate change that seems to have echoed broadly since started the fossil fuel divestment movement is the degree to which the industry can be suppressed by denying it access to financial services. That includes denying it the ability to borrow from banks and institutional investors, who are increasingly […]


By [President Jimmy] Carter’s own account, his poor opinion of nuclear power originated in personal experience. In 1952 the future president was a US Navy lieutenant with submarine experience stationed at General Electric in Schenectady, New York, training in nuclear engineering under Hyman Rickover. That December, an experimental Canadian 30-megawatt heavy-water moderated, light-water cooled reactor […]

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As every first year Canadian politics class covers ad nauseam , the first past the post electoral system is great for large parties and terrible for small ones. Since you only win MPs by winning a plurality in each electoral district, parties that have a small but significant amount of support spread between many ridings […]