In each year of my PhD, I have applied for all the summer teaching assistant (TA) positions offered in the Department of Political Science (and, after second year, in the School of the Environment too). I never heard anything back as the result of my applications, including for frequently-advertised ’emergency’ positions and jobs in statistics […]


This evening, the following motion was passed at the University of Ottawa: The board should ask the finance and treasury committee to do the following: Develop a strategy to shift Ottawa fossil fuel related investments towards investments and enterprises, especially those in Canada, involved in creating and selling technologies of the future, including renewable energy […]


TVO’s Big Ideas convened an interesting panel discussion on leadership with a variety of public intellectuals. This is from 2009, and it’s interesting to note that Klein isn’t the one emphasizing climate change in this conversation.


There were large expanses of the globe where spying, or even a pretence of it, seemed an unproductive activity because they were strategically irrelevant. When a question was raised in London about running some double agents out of Canada, the responsible MI5 officer — Cyril Mills, of the well-known British circus-owning family — demurred. Even […]

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U of T: the President and the Governing Council U of T President Meric Gertler’s decision to reject fossil fuel divestment in favour of ESG screening was formally presented to the Governing Council today. held a rally outside, and Gertler’s remarks were followed both by questions from governors and a five minute presentation from […]


Following up on their public criticism of President Gertler’s decision in The Varsity, eight out of eleven members of the ad hoc committee published a letter in The Globe and Mail: Quoting from our report: “The committee recognizes that fossil fuels will remain indispensable and a contributor to social welfare for many years.” We did […]


The Varsity published a front page article about fossil fuel divestment, written by Devika Desai and including an interview with President Gertler.


Jenny Ritter’s “A History of Happiness” is one of my all-time-favourite folk songs.


Responding to an earlier interview with U of T President Meric Gertler (in which the host was impressively spirited and well-informed while pushing back), media representative Amanda Harvey-Sanchez was on CBC’s As It Happens today. She highlights a key point about how the proposed ESG approach is less effective than divestment: it will be […]


Land acknowledgements — in which people recognize the traditional territory of indigenous peoples on which they are assembled — are an important part of decolonization and indigenous reconciliation. This year, I included one in my handout for tutorial students. There is not, however, a definitive recognition for downtown Toronto or the U of T area. […]