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Thanks to the intervention of my friend Amanda, I spent the weekend at my friend Sabrina’s cottage on Paugh Lake, near Barry’s Bay, Ontario. I had high hopes for a clear view of the fading Perseid meteor shower on Friday and Saturday night. Friday night was overcast and raining, though it was still remarkable to […]


Compared with the basic two-line kite I was using before, the Prism Quantum certainly has substantially more power and fine control: I think it also provides enough traction to help with my chronic shoulder pain.


NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has been returning some exciting data, after a long flight through the solar system: This documentary provides illuminating background on the mission: The Year of Pluto. It is much to be hoped that the New Horizons craft will be able to observe other Kuiper belt objects.

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I have had so much fun with my $17 Toys ‘R Us DC Sport 60 delta wing kite that I am thinking about getting something more sophisticated to play with: the Quantum two-line kite from Prism Designs. It’s another delta wing, so the basics of control will be similar. It’s tough enough to let other […]


Henry Kissinger, Sam Nunn, Colin Powell, George Shultz, and others make the case for global nuclear disarmament: Nuclear Tipping Point.


1) Your Thesis Length 2) Average dissertation and thesis length, take two



June 12, 2015

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English spelling is a vestigial mess: Getting Letting Betting Netting Petting Wetting Jetting Vetting Sweating

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Yesterday I went to Hanlan’s Point beach with some friends, in part to fly my DC Sport dual control nylon kite: 60″ wide. It’s a fun thing to fly. The only control surface you have is the entire airfoil, and the only axis of motion you can directly control is roll, by altering the relative […]


Written by Ron Diebert, the director of the Citizen Lab at U of T, Black Code: Inside the Battle for Cyberspace contains some very interesting information, of importance to anyone concerned with the future of the internet and communication. He discusses the major discoveries made by the lab, including massive criminal malware enterprises, government surveillance […]


One article and one paper

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