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Yesterday, on my way back from picking up a book, I took a walk up the Don Valley. These photos are all straight from the camera – no RAW conversion or photoshop tomfoolery.



I walked around my building and neighbourhood, recreating the classic 1851 chess game played between Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky in London. The game reminds me a bit of the Orson Scott Card novel Ender’s Game. The book features a battle where one side seems to be defeated but manages to satisfy the formal conditions […]

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I got some photos in the St. Patrick subway station, in Toronto.

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A little while ago, my friend Evey was in town and was good enough to pose for some portraits around The Glebe. She writes a fashion blog called Hey, Good Lookin’. Remarkably, despite being a native of Ottawa, Evey had never been to the Wild Oat restaurant. It’s a nice place, with excellent loaves of […]


Montreal Port

November 12, 2010

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One interesting thing about ports is the way in which they accumulate obsolete vessels and buildings. In Montreal, there is a stretch of waterfront in the old port area which has been enhanced for tourists, but which is nonetheless situated alongside old grain elevators and other bits of industrial refuse. 70mm 1/130″ f/8 100ISO Here, […]


One of the neatest things about the Williamsburg area, in Brooklyn, is the street art. Especially down toward the waterfront, there are many walls and buildings with skilfully-executed and creative images on them. While not the most artistically appealing thing I saw, this was the most topical bit of art. I do like the creative […]


Here are some more photos from the Parc Poisson Blanc camping trip: Ice cream was a feature of both the drive up and the drive back. Glancing right Given that it took about an hour to get from the boat launch to our campsite, opting to go with one journey with two boats, rather than […]


Despite being right at the cusp of spring, the nights I recently spent in Montreal were decidedly mild and enjoyable. They made it more than worthwhile to lug around a tripod. In addition to the sometimes intriguing distortion produced by very wide angle lenses, one useful property is how their short focal lengths allow for […]


Montreal has always been a city which I have appreciated. As an undergraduate, I was lucky enough to spend most of a summer there, participating in the Summer Language Bursary Program. The city is a layered and culturally engaging one. I was happy to visit my brother there for the Easter weekend. The Montreal metro […]