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Many websites rely on SSL / TLS to encrypt communication: everything from passwords to credit card numbers to emails. OpenSSL is a very widely used implementation of these encryption protocols. Right now, the internet is abuzz with the news of the ‘hearbleed’ bug. Because of a flaw in OpenSSL, attackers can extract 64 kilobytes of […]


This website is highly entertaining. Here are a few Quite Interesting nuggets: “A famous 18th century courtesan named Kitty Fisher used to distribute pictures of herself small enough to be concealed in the lid of a snuffbox… Fisher led a sensationally dissolute life; Casanova relates that she once ate a thousand-guinea bank note on bread-and-butter.” […]


I have a ‘Pending’ folder in which I keep all emails where I need to take some sort of action in response. The further breakdown of those emails is somewhat revealing:


A recent article in The Economist discussed the likely impacts of technological development on jobs, with an emphasis on which jobs are especially vulnerable to being replaced with hardware or software automation. The article included a chart listing some of the jobs projected to be most and least vulnerable, respectively: Some bad news for both […]

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An international effort is being made today to fight back against internet surveillance. If you wish to take part, I suggest doing so by downloading a version of the GNU Privacy Guard for your operating system, in order to encrypt your emails. Gpg4Win is for Windows, while GPGTools is for Mac OS. Downloading the TOR […]


I didn’t know this about flash memory: Flash memory is really cheap. So cheap, in fact, that it’s too good to be true. In reality, all flash memory is riddled with defects — without exception. The illusion of a contiguous, reliable storage media is crafted through sophisticated error correction and bad block management functions. This […]

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This article is a good explanation of how the Bitcoin protocol actually works. This one describes some of the problems the Bitcoin system is experiencing.


I am mindful of the fact that the advertising on this site is ugly, and often runs counter to the main lines of argument here. For instance, there are often ads for oil companies. All told, the ads yield roughly $100 per year, which is enough to cover the costs of hosting the site. Would […]


2600 Magazine has just posted an archive with 67 hours of talks originally given at HOPE 6 in 2006. They are available for purchase at DVD quality, of free viewing via YouTube at lower quality. There is some seriously interesting stuff in here: Basics of Forensic Recovery, Binary Revolution Radio, Exploring Your World with Open […]

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Wired on the steps now required for whistleblowers to leak evidence of wrongdoing to journalists, in an age of ubiquitous surveillance: “Get a dedicated computer or tablet: the cheapest Windows laptop will do. And pay cash, as our normal laptops have a host of automatic synchronization and similar services. Our personal web browsers also contain […]