Back when I was in high school (before 2000), I was given a pair of Raichle hiking boots, purchased at Mountain Equipment Co-op (and also kindly mailed to me in Oxford before my first trip with the Walking Club). The boots are excellent, with solid ankle support, a reliable ability to maintain grip in wet […]



September 2, 2015

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As a long-time student of politics, I often find myself wondering if Sweden simply has public policy basically figured out and everyone else is just screwing it up or governed by self-interested elites. Would nearly all countries be better off imprisoning their politicians and high-level civil servants, bringing in some Swedish politicians and bureaucrats, and […]


This past weekend, I was in Midland for my cousin Marko’s wedding. The official wedding photographers/videographers asserted their exclusive domain over the wedding and reception, preventing me from getting any shots there (and saving me 12+ hours of post-processing). I did get some shots at the family brunch the next morning. Several of the photos […]

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Thanks to the intervention of my friend Amanda, I spent the weekend at my friend Sabrina’s cottage on Paugh Lake, near Barry’s Bay, Ontario. I had high hopes for a clear view of the fading Perseid meteor shower on Friday and Saturday night. Friday night was overcast and raining, though it was still remarkable to […]


My photos from Ottawa and the 2015 Canadian Political Science Association conference are online.

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There are a lot of interesting panels at this year’s Canadian Political Science Association conference, at the University of Ottawa. I just finished a free lunch at the book launch for Patriation and its Consequences, alongside Peter Russell and Alan Cairns. This afternoon, I am attending panels on “Comparing Provinces: First Nations, the North and […]


Lyra’s Moment of Heroism


Blundstone #500 boots

October 28, 2014

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Since the summer of 2011 – right before my bus trip to New Orleans and Washington D.C. – I have been wearing the same pair of Blundstone #500 boots. Buying brand new boots right before a trip was a big mistake, since stretching the side of each boot to accommodate my smallest toe was a […]



Subway signage

October 6, 2014

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