Toronto Urban Hike Collection

TUHC, pronounced “tuck”

A collaboration led by Tristan Laing and Milan Prazak Ilnyckyj

Urban hikes with transit available at the start and endpoints, and which give a feeling of being out of the city

Printable map

GIS data

December 2021 routes (Boron build): GPX (for QGIS), KMZ (for Google Earth)

Treasure hunt markers: GPX (for QGIS), KMZ (for Google Earth)

Treasure hunt

Each treasure hunt marker is a permanent sign that includes a number that is part of the coordinates for the final cache.

The list of clues will be posted here once the final cache has been placed, before December 25th 2021.

Maps for individual walks

Waterfront walks

Humber Valley

Don Valley

Toronto Cyclone