PhD thesis

An excellent panel about First Nations reconciliation in Canada tonight has left me wanting to read a whole lot of things. To begin with, that includes The Winter We Danced, especially the chapter by Pamela Palmater. I also need to read a lot more about the Tsilhqot’in ruling.

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I have finished my final assignment for the term, the essay for my Global Environmental Politics course. It is about climate change and democratic legitimacy: Microsoft Word file (205 kilobytes) PDF (381 kb) Many of these ideas are likely to find their way into my PhD thesis, so I would definitely appreciate feedback.


It seems to me that one fairly central human aspiration is to have a broadening set of options; it’s encouraging to see new options becoming possible, and worrisome to see options that existed before being closed off forever. In addition to satisfying human preferences, broadening options may also serve the purpose of building resilience in […]


As with my M.Phil thesis, I plan on using various technological tools to help with the creation of my doctoral thesis. Here’s a simple one I am trying: a web form that allows people to suggest thesis sources. If you come across something that you think would be interesting and useful to me, please put […]


I am reading Estelle Phillips and Derek Pugh’s How to Get a PhD: A Handbook for Students and Their Supervisors. One interesting section is entitled: “Not understanding the nature of a PhD by overestimating what is required”. Some quotes: The words used to describe the outcome of a PhD project – ‘an original contribution to […]

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