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Further substantiation of the carbon bubble / stranded assets argument that if governments act seriously on their climate goals then a huge amount of fossil fuel investment will become worthless: Nature Climate Change study: Stranded fossil-fuel assets translate to major losses for investors in advanced economies Guardian reporting: People in US and UK face huge […]


Pain is a natural outcome of being told—and experiencing—that wildfires, hurricanes, and floods are becoming more ferocious due to the climate crisis, and that droughts are getting more serious and lasting longer. It is reasonable to get worried when the World Bank foresees that 140 million climate migrants will be fleeing ecological catastrophes and the […]


Our study also showed that the psychological distress young people experience over the climate crisis isn’t just about the degrading state of the environment. Rather, it is linked to perceptions of government betrayal and being lied to by leaders who are taking inadequate climate change action while pretending otherwise. Wray, Britt. Generation Dread: Finding Purpose […]


Three examples from today: 1) Coal shortage and heatwave spark India’s power woes: The government says it is doing all it can do to ensure supplies. Coal India, the world’s largest coal miner, has increased production by 12%, “strengthening India’s energy security”, according to the federal coal ministry. It also despatched 49.7 million metric tonnes […]


I watched the four-part Netflix series on the Three Mile Island disaster and found it to be well crafted and emotionally poignant, though only OK as an educational resource on the partial meltdown. My technical complaint is that they explain almost nothing about why the accident happened and exactly what took place while it was […]


Sydney Lang and Amanda Harvey-Sánchez have an article in the May/June issue of Briarpatch: Divestment and beyond.


Sources writing about the fossil fuel divestment movement sometimes seem to think that and “Fossil Free” are distinct organizations, despite the footer at reading “Fossil Free is a project of”. In part, this may be because of how easy it can be with to confuse branding with organizations. The clearest example […]

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The US Energy Information Administration is reporting that wind was the second largest source of electricity on March 29th, slightly beating nuclear and coal. It’s still not expected to surpass coal or nuclear for all of 2022 or 2023.


While outside the area of climate change policy, the concept and slogan of “defunding the police” is revealing about important dynamics between progressive activist politics and policy-making by those who actually win power. As The Economist reported in 2021: The critical division is over whether or not the plan is a pretext to “defund the […]


The Trudeau government’s latest climate change betrayal: Federal government approves controversial Bay du Nord oil project Whatever policy tools you’re using, the measure of success or failure is whether we are deepening or escaping from our fossil fuel dependence. Once again, the Trudeau Liberals are throwing gasoline on the fire.