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Whenever the many problems with nuclear power are raised, there are people who suggest that everything could be fixed with a substantial technical change: moving to generation IV reactors, for instance, or the ever-elusive fusion possibility. Another common suggestion is that using thorium for reactor fuel could limit concerns about proliferation, as well as (modest) […]


Apparently, cutting one kilogram from the weight of a commercial airliner saves about $2,200 in lifetime fuel costs. By contrast, putting a single kilogram of cargo into space costs $25,000 (a bit of a drag for those with aspirations of asteroid mining).

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Anyone can now watch the formal presentation of the divestment brief to President Gertler. Shortly, we will be sharing this link with all the university officials who we invited to the event but who were unable to attend.

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Yesterday night, formally presented our fossil fuel divestment brief to a representative of the Office of the President at the University of Toronto. I have a few photos of the event. The lecture was recorded from a couple of different angles, and we will but putting together a good quality video soon.

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Dimitri Lascaris – the laywer who will be delivering the fossil fuel divestment lecture to President Gertler on Thursday – was interviewed on the Green Majority radio program.

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As part of campus engagement, organized a divestment dance party tonight. I have some photos on Flickr.

{ 0 comments } is looking to hire a Canadian organizer. I hope some exceptionally qualified and energetic candidates apply. As a decision gets made one way or another on the Keystone XL pipeline, attention will shift toward other ways of keeping as much as possible of Canada’s massive stock of fossil fuels safely underground.


Yesterday, a friend and I visited Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, a new privately-run aquarium located beside the CN Tower in Toronto. I have uploaded some of the photos already, with more to come. It’s certainly a spectacle, both in terms of the species on display and the layout of the facility. A big portion consists […]


Tomorrow, will elect its fifth executive at the termly general meeting. The group is also likely to create its first formal committees: with divestment committees focused respectively on building student engagement and interacting with the school administration, and an institutional innovation committee focused on how the group should grow and develop its governance structure. […]


Especially in comparison with energy conservation, carbon capture and storage, and nuclear power, much of the debate about renewable energy as a climate change solution concerns cost. Which forms are most and least affordable? How do they compare to other energy options? How should intermittancy and energy storage issues be incorporated? Another set of questions […]