The Pembina Institute has released a new interactive tool that lets anybody test out alternative approaches to setting energy policy for Alberta, in sectors including transport, buildings, electricity generation, and agriculture. It doesn’t allow a huge amount of ambition. For instance, the only bitumen sands policy option is the 100 megatonne cap which the Alberta […]


At the end of January, Middlebury College (home institution of founder Bill McKibben) committed to fossil fuel divestment as part of a four-part response to climate change. As far as I know, this is the first university which had formally said no to a divestment campaign and has since been brought around to saying […]


The CBC is reporting today that the oil production cuts enacted by the NDP provincial government to try to raise fossil fuel prices have made oil transport by rail less viable. The possibility of exporting the bitumen sands by rail when pipeline capacity is exceeded has highlighted how fossil fuel advocates take climate change inaction […]


Something occurred to me as I was walking through the snow this morning. There’s an episode of Yes Minister (The Bed of Nails) in which the hapless minister Jim Hacker is charged with implementing an integrated national transport policy. His savvy and manipulative chief civil servant explains: It is the ultimate vote loser… If you […]


A frequent criticism of climate change policies like the Leap Manifesto and the Green New Deal which seek to accomplish a number of labour and social justice objectives alongside controlling climate change is that the policies don’t have a logical relationship with one another, framing the effort this way reduces the emphasis on climate change […]

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A bit of good news: Supreme Court rules energy companies cannot walk away from old wells. The fossil fuel industry has huge future cleanup costs, including the UK’s North Sea platforms, and of course Canada’s bitumen sands. The CBC story notes: Alberta has been dealing with a tsunami of orphaned oil and gas wells in […]


An increasingly frequent media line from supporters of the bitumen sands and the fossil fuels industry generally is that if oil isn’t produced in Canada it will be produced in Saudi Arabia instead, and that is undesirable because the conduct of people in Saudi Arabia is unethical while Canadians behave ethically. As more morally worthy […]


Some less-than-encouraging news today: Nearly 6 in 10 Canadians call lack of new pipeline capacity a ‘crisis,’ poll suggests Trump replacement for Obama climate plan worse than doing nothing – study The first story about the poll has some room for interpretation. Seeing pipelines as a “crisis” doesn’t necessarily mean supporting them, though the article […]


Several recent analyses have found that America’s contribution to climate change worsened in 2018: There are a number of factors behind the rise in US emissions in 2018, some natural, mostly economic. Prolonged cold spells in a number of regions drove up demand for energy in the winter, while a hot summer in many parts […]


In British Columbia, the Unist’ot’en Camp has been operating for years to try to keep fossil fuel pipelines out of the traditional territory of the Wet’suwet’en Nation. Anticipating RCMP enforcement of a court order to allow access for the construction of the Coastal GasLink natural gas pipeline to Kitimat, the Gidimt’en checkpoint was more recently […]