There is a widespread expectation that autonomous or driverless cars of the sort being developed by Google will soon become commercially available and active on public roads. A recent Slate article makes some strong arguments for why that expectation may be premature: But the maps have problems, starting with the fact that the car can’t […]

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New dietary guidance from the Heart and Stroke Foundation warns against “ultra-processed foods”, those that are “nutritionally unbalanced foods high in sugar, fat and salt manufactured in a way to promote over-consumption and are associated with weight gain and high blood pressure”. They include “soft drinks, packaged fruit juices, cookies, ice cream, salty snacks, ready […]


Back in 2012, then-Conservative senator Hugh Segal gave an impressive lecture on achieving large-scale poverty reduction in Canada, including through the establishment of a guaranteed minimum income. Recently, he spoke with The Georgia Strait about how the topic is unlikely to come up during this election.


Stephen Harper’s Conservatives won their first minority in Canada’s 39th general election in 2006, defeating the Liberals under Paul Martin with 124 seats to 103. In 2008, the Conservatives did better against the Liberals under Stéphane Dion, ending up with 143 and 77 seats respectively. In 2011, the Conservatives won a majority government with 166 […]



September 2, 2015

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As a long-time student of politics, I often find myself wondering if Sweden simply has public policy basically figured out and everyone else is just screwing it up or governed by self-interested elites. Would nearly all countries be better off imprisoning their politicians and high-level civil servants, bringing in some Swedish politicians and bureaucrats, and […]


An op-ed I wrote about pipelines, Brad Wall’s comments, and the “Canadian Energy Strategy” for


Today, 10,000 people took part in a march through downtown Toronto calling on Canada’s governments to take more aggressive action on climate change. Many groups were involved, alongside great speakers and musical performers.


Today there was a student sit-in at the constituency office of MP and Minister of Finance Joe Oliver. The students were calling for an end to Canada’s ineffective and harmful climate change and energy policies. Six other sit-ins took place, attempting to meet with other MPs across Canada. On Sunday, the major March for Jobs, […]


Plunder and romanticism are so rife precisely because ordinary citizens are insufficiently informed about the opportunities and threats that nature poses to have forced governments into effective regulation. In the task of building an informed citizenry the starting point is an ethics of nature that people in societies with widely different value systems can understand […]


Canada was founded upon a grave injustice: the appalling mistreatment of North American indigenous populations by European settlers, including countless acts of physical and cultural violence. Days ago, the The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada released their final report. One part, on page 20 of the summary, seems especially important: Together, Canadians must do […]