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This past weekend, I was in Midland for my cousin Marko’s wedding. The official wedding photographers/videographers asserted their exclusive domain over the wedding and reception, preventing me from getting any shots there (and saving me 12+ hours of post-processing). I did get some shots at the family brunch the next morning. Several of the photos […]

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Thanks to the intervention of my friend Amanda, I spent the weekend at my friend Sabrina’s cottage on Paugh Lake, near Barry’s Bay, Ontario. I had high hopes for a clear view of the fading Perseid meteor shower on Friday and Saturday night. Friday night was overcast and raining, though it was still remarkable to […]



Compared with the basic two-line kite I was using before, the Prism Quantum certainly has substantially more power and fine control: I think it also provides enough traction to help with my chronic shoulder pain.


Yesterday I went to Hanlan’s Point beach with some friends, in part to fly my DC Sport dual control nylon kite: 60″ wide. It’s a fun thing to fly. The only control surface you have is the entire airfoil, and the only axis of motion you can directly control is roll, by altering the relative […]


To generate exuberant diversity in a city’s streets and districts, four conditions are indispensable: The district, and indeed as many of its internal parts as possible, must serve more than one primary function; preferably more than two. These must insure the presence of people who go outdoors on different schedules and are in the place […]


Lyra’s Moment of Heroism


15th NoD

October 26, 2014

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Yesterday evening, I got some photos at the 15th annual Night of Dread, put on by the Clay & Paper Theatre Company.


My Saturday in Ottawa involved a rather comprehensive trek. Beginning at the home of my friends Andrea and Mehrzad, I walked up Booth Street – past the first apartment I rented in town and the War Museum – and across the Chaudiere Bridge to the Terrasses de la Chaudière complex which includes Environment Canada headquarters. […]


It’s exciting and impressive stuff.