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Time has been discussed here before. As it stands, it is a lot like the imcomprehensible currency system in England before a Pound became 100 pence. Unlike currency, however, time has relatively good reasons for being confusing. The day, the year, and – to a lesser extent, the month – have some kind of basis in the astronomical reality of our planet. Having years of a sensible length is especially important, if we want the heavens to be at all easy to keep track of.

Of course, revolutionaries are known for overthrowing the staid traditional order. As such, there have been efforts to revise time. The French Republican Calendar is probably the most notable example. It confused millions of people for a good number of years, both after the revolution and during the Paris Commune.

A few other examples of decimal time can be found here. The oddest, perhaps, is ‘Swatch Internet Time‘ which sought to do away with time zones altogether. Sir Sandford Fleming would not be amused.

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  1. In the Simpsons episode “They Saved Lisa’s Brain” the MENSA team running the town adopts decimal time.

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