Travis Rector on fossil fuel abolition

About 90% of climate change is from the extraction and use of fossil fuels. We need to stop. As Chapters 6 and 7 point out, this won’t be easy—especially when fighting against industries that stand to lose trillions of dollars from the energy transition. But the rapid growth of wind and solar shows us that it’s already happening. Our role is to help it happen even faster.

Rector, Travis A. “Preface.” In: Rector, Travis A. Climate Change for Astronomers: Causes, consequences, and communication. IOP Publishing, 2024. p. xxi


We are at a crossroads in the history of our 4.5-billion-year-old planet. These days in which we are alive are precious beyond measure, especially from the perspective of Earthlings who come after us. Every day the fossil fuel industry continues to exist makes our planet hotter, taking us more deeply into irreversible catastrophe. The only way out is to end the fossil fuel industry; the faster we do, the more we will save… It is incredibly important to fight the fossil fuel industry, which has captured world leaders and international climate negotiations.

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