First Bloggers’ Gathering

Bloggers gathered in The Turf

In short, the bloggers’ gathering was a success. It was interesting and enjoyable to meet a diverse group of engaging people, none of whom really have an appearance that screams blogger!, whatever sort of appearance that might be.

The Library Court party afterwards, to which I brought two of the people from the bloggers’ gathering, succeeded in blocking any attempts to work on all the academic things that need to be done. That said, I was not fighting and kicking to make progress on them. Why, there are hours left yet.

This afternoon included a quasi-valiant effort to move forward on the various projects that must be complete next week:

  1. Paper for Andrew Hurrell (Tuesday)
  2. Paper for Dr. Fawcett and Wright (Tuesday)
  3. Presentation on American isolationism during the interwar years (Tuesday)
  4. Statistics Assignment (Wednesday)
  5. Pay fees and battles (Friday)

Tomorrow, all these things will begin to orbit elegantly around the gravitational centre of whatever intellect I still possess: condensing and organizing themselves to the point where they are both internally and externally comprehensible.


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