A510 backup battery

Every time I turn on my Canon Powershot A510, it now asks me to enter the date and time. This suggests that the backup battery, which is used to store that information, has died. Having the right time programmed in is valuable, because it helps to organize thousands of photos. Do any of the A510 owners who read this blog have the manual? I need to know (a) where the battery is located and (b) whether it is user-serviceable.

Thanks a lot.

[Update: 18 July] I got a new battery from the key cutting shop in the Covered Market. It seems to have dealt with the issue.

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10 thoughts on “A510 backup battery”

  1. I don’t see a small tab…

    Having the camera taken apart would probably cost more than buying a new one.

  2. The battery is located under the grey rubber flap on the left hand side of the camera. Lift the flap and at the bottom under the three ports, you’ll see a silver square. Pry that up with your fingernail or a knife, and the battery is in there. You need a lithium coin battery (CR1220).

  3. Lee,

    That’s absolutely right. I was curious for years what that flap did, but I was pulling it in the wrong way.

  4. Canon point and shoot cameras have an internal backup battery (a very small watch battery sized cell). Look under your battery door – do you see a small tab that has “CR1220” or something like that marked on it? If so – this is your backup cell. Just replace it and you will be good to go. If you do not see this, then the backup battery is buried deep inside the camera and would require full disassembly to replace.

    David Millier
    Advance Camera Repair

  5. Same battery, same price from Amazon – August 2012

    Thanks for the info

  6. It’s not the only thing that could possibly be wrong. You can probably have your camera sent to Canon for evaluation.

    I have had them fix point and shoot digital cameras for me before.

  7. Skip, I would guess by far the most common reason for that problem is the battery. Check the new battery for correct orientation and if you have a multimeter, voltage. Should be between about 2.5v (low charge) and 3v (new).

    It’s possible your new battery is defective.

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