Global preferences regarding US presidential candidates

Given the degree to which the American president influences events all around the world, there is a certain degree of sense in polling the rest of the world to see which of the two current presidential candidates they prefer. This page on The Economist‘s website is doing just that. It is set up to mimic the American electoral college system, with each country getting three votes by default plus additional ones by population. In total, there are 9,875 votes.

At the time of writing, Canada’s 49 electoral college votes are going to Obama, who is preferred to McCain by 87% to 13%. The 432 American votes are also going to Obama, reflecting a 79% to 21% preference. The only countries that are toss ups or leaning towards McCain seem to be Macedonia (5 votes) and Andorra (3 votes). As such, Obama is leading by 8,360 to 8.

Of course, there are huge methodological problems with this type of survey. It is amalgamating the preferences of those who have volunteered to take it, and who therefore presumably have some knowledge of The Economist. It is neither a random nor a representative sample. Even so, the results are pretty striking.

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2 thoughts on “Global preferences regarding US presidential candidates”

  1. Thursday October 9th 2008

    Votes for Obama: 21,460
    Votes for McCain: 4,266
    Global electoral votes for Obama: 8,498
    Global electoral votes for McCain: 16

    Countries with McCain leading:

    Georgia: 73% to 27%
    Macedonia: 54% to 46%
    Andorra: 53% to 47%

  2. BARACK OBAMA has won at least one election by a landslide. Voters in The Economist’s Global Electoral College favoured the Democratic candidate over his Republican rival, John McCain, by more than five to one. Some 52,000 readers around the world cast a vote, with more than 44,000 votes going to Mr Obama. As candidates collected delegates according to the countries won (just as America’s electoral-college system allocates delegates by state), Mr Obama’s victory is all the more comprehensive: he claims 9,115 delegates, compared with a paltry 203 for Mr McCain.

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