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The camera in the iPhone 4 doesn’t compare with a dedicated point and shoot camera, when it comes to image quality or creative flexibility. At the same time, it is a camera that is easy to carry around everywhere, so it is a way to document things that would otherwise go unrecorded.

I have added an iPhone set to my Flickr page, and I will keep adding to it bit by bit.

The EXIF data for the photos includes geolocation information, which should be useful for anyone who wants to stalk or murder me (hint: I am often around Bank Street in Ottawa).

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BuddyRich April 15, 2011 at 6:45 am

Although I like geotagging for personal use, it does have major privacy implications when sharing photos online. For that matter the “when” of a photo can be just as damaging as the “where”.

Turning off the “location” feature should prevent that for the iphone camera app. It should ask you the first time you launch the camera app. However if you’ve already enabled it, go to settings->location services and you can turn it on or off for various apps individually there, including the camera.

Though if you like the tags for personal use, flickr has a setting to not import geotags on import, saving then from being made public but retaining them on your PC for your own use. Set in the privacy section of your user profile.

Milan April 20, 2011 at 7:53 pm

One notable characteristic of the iPhone 4 is that it produces giant screenshots by default. I guess that is because of the high resolution screen, but it means they look gigantic when viewed on a computer monitor.

That would actually make them a bit harder to forge, if they were ever used as evidence in a legal proceeding. People would be more willing to believe that such a screenshot was genuine. Of course, it could still be forged. It would just take a bit more work. Anyone wanting to forge one would need to tweak an iPhone or an iPhone emulator to produce desired screenshots, not just throw something together in Photoshop.

Screenshots could be entered into evidence for any number of reasons: as evidence someone is saying defamatory things about you, or that they harassed you, or that you made a genuine effort to do something about a problem, etc.

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