A WiFi network at the intersection of Booth Street and Primrose

Greetings, fellow resident of Booth Street. As you can see, I am operating a wireless network. I have a bandwidth limit of about 200 gigabytes a month and personally use less than 20. As such, there is scope for sharing this network with well-behaved people who live nearby. Having an open network about is a benefit to everyone, and part of being a good neighbour.

I cannot simply leave the network open to everyone because people might abuse the opportunity presented. I don't want people constantly downloading multi-gigabyte movies. Nor do I want people committing crimes using an internet connection that I pay for.

Three very important things to remember:

  1. All usage of this network is monitored and logged.
  2. Inappropriate usage will lead to you being banned.
  3. Criminal usage will result in you being reported to the authorities.
Obviously, it is much better for everyone if you only use the network for appropriate purposes.

Have a good day,


Other things on this server

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