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Meghan Mathieson and I on campus at UBC

My court hearing with regards to the May 3rd Translink ticket has been moved forward from November 3rd to tomorrow, at my request. They won’t let me dispute the allegation in writing – only ask for a reduced fine – so I will be going into the Provincial Traffic Court tomorrow morning to make my argument: namely, that my U-Pass had expired three days before and, out on a date with Meaghan Beattie and late for meeting Nick et al, that fact didn’t really occur to me as we were getting on the Skytrain. Also, I will point out that I earned $8.15 an hour all summer and am taking on about $12,000 in debt next year for school.

I stopped at the courthouse on my way back from visiting Meghan Mathieson on campus. We had lunch at the Pendulum. More accurately, I did, since she is still feeling less than entirely well. Seeing her was quite pleasant; it’s always enjoyable to spend an hour in lighthearted conversation with her. It’s good to know that she is enjoying her new job and her new place of residence. I am glad she will be coming to my departure party in four days’ time.

After walking Meghan back to work – as the research secretary at the School of Nursing – I spent a while wandering the campus. Despite three passes through the hallway of offices for political science professors, I didn’t see anyone who I particularly wanted to. Outside the SUB, I did run into Katie from the NASCA trip, who I am glad to learn has read the report. We talked for a while on the grass in the middle of the Buchanon Quad before she headed off to class and I headed downtown, silently wishing the UBC campus what I presume to be a two years’ farewell.

The rest of tonight is devoted to producing a copy of the report to forward to Allen Sens tomorrow. I also need to prepare the written statement that I will give to the judge in court tomorrow. As was the case when he walked across the street from his office, at very short notice, to help me rearrange my court date, my father will be advising me on my defence. It’s not a lot of people who can call their attorney and have them appear at the courthouse to help them out in less than five minutes. Even fewer can pay for the services immediately afterwards by means of a slice of pizza.

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Tristan Laing September 14, 2005 at 6:45 am

You might want to mention in your arguments that the transition period to high fines, which was right when you got your ticket, was suppose to include a highly increased rate of warnings. Back issues of the buzzer dated to that time will serve as a source. I think I’ve already pointed this out to you.

Tristan Laing September 14, 2005 at 5:11 pm

You might notice that your photos are overexposed, i.e. the blown out highlights on meghan’s face. Digital is shot like slides – you expose for the highlights and pray you can burn in the dark bits. I tend to set mine to 0.7 exposure undercompensation. Which is nice – it means you’ve got more iso than you think.

Milan September 14, 2005 at 7:06 pm

I’ve been using it on program mode, with the ISO between 50 and 200, depending on available light. The flash is banished to the land of neveruse, because the flash metering seems to be so awful. Every flash shot is horribly blown out. I will try shooting at 2/3 of a stop underexposed for now.

PS. I just had my one minute in court. Asked for a plea, I volunteered my written statement. The Judicial Justice of the Peace reduced the fine 91%, from $173 to $15.

Anonymous September 15, 2005 at 12:45 am

I’m glad the fine was reduced… you seem to have enough to pay for. As Erin put it, you will shortly have to begin hemorrhaging money.

And, my face is always ghostlike white. I don’t know if it is the camera’s fault at all.


Milan September 15, 2005 at 4:33 am


You have to know that you are beautiful. Any photo that fails to capture it is faulted by equipment or a photographer lacking in skill.

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