Alone in Helsinki

Sea ice in Helsinki

[Section removed, 23 December 2005]

As a rule, I much prefer to travel with friends. Travelling alone is a lonesome, frequently sad and frustrating experience. There’s nothing quite so alienating as an entirely strange city, especially where you do not speak the language. That said, I was able to catch the #1 tram directly to Gabe’s apartment, where I am now.

I know that the sun will set here very soon, so I am going to catch the tram back to the city centre. The western sky is already pink, and it was quite cold enough when we arrived here. This may be the first time I’ve seen the sea frozen from ground level. Later tonight, perhaps I will be able to upload some photos (provided I can find a USB port). Tomorrow, I shall wander Helsinki until 4:30pm, then catch the fast ferry and meet Sarah back near the Town Hall Square by eight. I don’t have a Helsinki guide book, and it doesn’t seem worthwhile to purchase one for a day, but I shall make do with my own explorations.

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PS. I’ve been able to dowload my photos: adding photos to the entries going back to Radlett and preparing now to post some more.

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  1. Sorry to be writing so much sub rosa, but I am trying hard to figure out how to deal with the problem of privacy in such a forum.

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