10^4 visits (10011100010000 in binary, 2710 in hex)

Since the 4th of November 2005, a sibilant intake of breath has received 10,000 visits. That’s almost exactly 100 a day, though the average is more like 110 during term time and 80 during breaks. It represents an average of 42 visitors per post. The busiest day by far was the day of the election, during which I got about 750 visitors.

57% were from North America, 36% from Europe, 3% from South America, 2% from Australia, and 2% from Asia. 42% were from Canada, 33% from the United Kingdom, and 15% from the United States. Visits from the west coast of North America are twice as frequent as those from the east coast.

In any case, my thanks go out to everyone who has taken the time to read this. The ten thousandth reader was from Vancouver, and found the page through Sasha Wiley’s blog. Whoever they may be, you can tell they’re a savvy user, since they use the superior Firefox browser.

4 thoughts on “10^4 visits (10011100010000 in binary, 2710 in hex)”

  1. hey milan, don’t you think its a little bit creepy that you track your readers with such detail. i thought youd be kept busy at a school like oxford.

    hope your terms going good

  2. Kudos on pointing out how arbitrary ‘10,000’ is once you abandon the base ten system.

    Count in hex! Like me!

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