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Apparently, the University of British Columbia is now hosting the world championships for intercollegiate debate. I remember being at the executive meeting where the idea of bidding was first proposed: back in the Beanery coffeeshop in the Fairview residence. That was in February 2003, during my middle year as the Debate Society treasurer. I still owe Meghan Mathieson many thanks for helping me get through the interminable paperwork associated with the position.

Sometimes, I regret not joining the Oxford Union. While it would have been about £180, it probably would have involved meeting some interesting people. I certainly did through UBC debate. Indeed, debaters seem to be an oddly cohesive group – they are far over-represented among people whose blogs I read, who I speak with online, and who I have generally kept in touch with since leaving Vancouver. Hopefully, if I do go on to do a PhD after working for a couple of years, the school I choose will have an interesting debate society that is not quite as outlandishly priced.

PS. I note with dismay that £180 is now $410.88 Canadian. Falling oil prices can be rough when you are living abroad and “there is a very, very strong positive relationship between movements in oil prices and movements in the value of the Canadian dollar.” (Source)

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Brett December 30, 2006 at 9:01 pm

I feel your pain with the exchange rate
When i started school here in Brussels my tuition was 13,000 euro or 18,300 cdn. Now my tuition is just about 20,000 cdn. Unfortunately due to reliance student loans i couldnt pay it all off back when the exchange rate was more favourable…its just money right?:(

Milan December 30, 2006 at 9:07 pm

The exchange rate can make prices crazy.

Right now, a venti drip coffee at Starbucks in Oxford costs Canadian $4.77.
250g of tofu costs just over $4.
My rent is $821, for one room in a shared basement flat.
Going to see a film costs about $15, even with a student discount.
Making telephone calls on my cell phone costs $0.68 a minute.

I miss $10 sushi lunches, $8 bottles of drinkable wine (Farnese), and $2 cups of coffee.

In total, exchange rate shifts since October have increased my projected costs for the remainder of the program by C$3,990.30 or £1,645.78.

Anonymous December 31, 2006 at 12:30 am

Classy new banner.

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