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Many thanks to everyone who called or sent various kinds of electronic messages for my birthday. I will respond to all of them, in the fullness of time. Special thanks to the various people who sent me kind gifts. In emulation of Emily, I will list a few in order to highlight the amusing diversity:

  • Green wine
  • Hand-made cufflinks
  • Nepalese woolen socks
  • Murchie’s Earl Grey Tea (my favourite kind)
  • Fudge from Vermont
  • Delicious Sri Lankan food
  • A large book of Canadian artwork
  • Rare earth magnets (still in the mail)
  • Twelve cans of chick peas

Despite my relative isolation in Ottawa, I am fortunate to have so many considerate family members and friends.

[Update: 4 December 2007] Two new items joined the list today:

  • A guide to tying knots
  • A CD by the group Afterparty

My magnets also arrived.

[Update: 22 December 2007] Emily gave me a couple of nice things:

  • Ichthyosaur t-shirt
  • Safari Outback Water Filtration Kit

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R.K. November 29, 2007 at 12:08 pm

Rare earth magnets? Now you can be a real menace to nearby magnetic data storage systems.

Sir, your iPod has been summarily stripped of all content. Your iPod Touch should be fine.

Ashley November 29, 2007 at 12:05 pm

The care package that came with my sister in October had Murchie’s Rideau Hall blend! Delish– I’ll go brew a cup right now…

In return I sent home a vacuum pack of smoked meat, maple syrup and a tourtiere.

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