WestFest 2008 II

Emily Horn at WestFest 2008

Today’s festival occurred amidst alternating periods of harsh sun and explosive thunderstorm. Several times, the artists had to clear the stage due to the danger of bolts being drawn their way. The audience scattered and artists, staff, VIPs, and volunteers huddled in whichever tents were not collapsing. Thankfully, everything was clear and beautiful for Andrea‘s set.

Today made for a nice winding-down after yesterday’s powerhouse performances, and I got to meet a few interesting people too. If only the BluesFest volunteering system wasn’t so inflexible and demanding, I would definitely volunteer my services there as well.

Author: Milan

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10 thoughts on “WestFest 2008 II”

  1. One thing that gets a shmagillion cool-points is WestFest. I wrote that disparaging post about my job as a volunteer there (you would too. Seriously.), but when you’re not pacing aimlessly on the grass lot behind the main-stage, it’s pretty fantastic. Richmond street is packed with vendors hocking their wares, and hopelessly adorable children doing hopelessly adorable things. Not to mention all the free great music. Kinney Star, Buffy Ste.Marie and Holly McNarland were all playing last night. For free.

  2. Severe thunderstorm warning issued for Toronto
    Toronto Star – 4 hours ago

    Environment Canada has issued a severe thunderstorm warning this afternoon for Toronto and surrounding areas. Mark Seifert, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, says there is a good chance the storm system currently developing over Michigan will …

  3. The most recent Walrus magazine had an article about thunderstorms. It is called “Struck by Lightning,” and it describes a close encounter.

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