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When it comes to an incompetent master / manipulative servant comedy (Blackadder, Yes Minister, etc), one generally expects at least two actors to be involved. Wooster Sauce defies this expectation, with John D. Huston playing master, servant, and all other characters together. His versatility is impressive, though you cannot help but lose some of the comedy and drama that would arise from a two-actor interaction.

Huston works his way through a series of anecdotes, with Wooster narrating the first half and Jeeves narrating the second. The characters are skillfully sketched and the vignettes entertaining. That said, the humour is more of the type intellectually appreciated than of the type that induces open laughter.

The show seemed to be among the most popular in the Ottawa Fringe, so people in other venues should be advised to get in line early. That is doubly important if other people stage it in a large and flat-floored room, as was the case here this year.

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