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This is one of the best bits of satire The Onion has produced in a while: Kim Jong Il Announces Plan To Bring Moon To North Korea. It is especially amusing if you are familiar with some of the actual governmental propaganda about Kim Jong Il. I once saw a North Korean press document claiming that their leader is ‘the most energetic man in history.’ He has a fondness for doctoring photos of Napoleon to include his own face, and North Korean songs claim that he can “dispel raging storms.”

My favourite quotes from the video:

  • “A force of one million men will anchor [the moon] to a resplendent pedestal modeled on the Dear Leader’s perfect hand.”
  • “We will study the moon once it is here to learn the effects of moon possession on national glory.”
  • “The plan is perfect. We have already succeeded.”

The artwork is also an amusing impersonation of a classic propaganda style.

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