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The Globe and Mail has an initiative called Policy Wiki, in which they are trying to foster web discussions on public policy issues of interest to Canadians. The third topic they have selected is climate change. The site includes a briefing note by Mark Jaccard, of the Pembina Institute, and an analysis and proposal by David Suzuki.

Some of the sub-questions to be discussed include:

  1. How closely should Canada’s policies be linked to the US?
  2. Should our focus be bilateral or multilateral?
  3. What position should Canada adopt at the Copenhagen conference?
  4. How does the economic crisis impact actions on climate change?
  5. How will this impact Canadian industry?
  6. How many green jobs can Canada create?
  7. What added responsibility does Canada have as an energy superpower?

Most frequent commenters on this site are quite concerned with Canadian climate policy. As such, this might be an opportunity to discuss the issue with a broader audience. I personally plan to contribute, and would be pleased to see readers doing so as well.

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R.K. March 3, 2009 at 8:28 pm

This wiki doesn’t seem to be getting much attention. Fewer than 20 people have voted on the proposals.

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