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Here’s a nice little trick I learned to improve the contrast and saturation of images in Photoshop, without having to spend too much time messing around with levels or curves:

  1. Open the original image
  2. Create a duplicate layer (hit command-J on a Mac)
  3. Right click on the new layer, in the layers tab
  4. Select ‘blending options’
  5. Under ‘blend mode’ choose ‘soft light’

The effect can be weakened or strengthened by adjusting the opacity of the layer. If you want to push it beyond 100%, just make another copy of the original layer and blend it in as above.

With portraits, this trick can make people look a bit red. If so, adjust the hue and saturation by selecting Adjustments >> Hue/Saturation. Then, edit ‘Reds’ by dragging the slider over a bit to include oranges, then reduce the level of saturation.

A video explanation of all this is online.

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