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Anyone who visits this site frequently will have noticed that there are often recent comments posted under the name ‘.’

The purpose of these is to provide supplemental or follow-up information on a topic already discussed. For instance, if someone comes across an interesting article relating to bank regulation or geoengineering or photographic lenses, they can append it to an existing discussion on that topic. Anybody can post these.

Having a list of related articles below posts serves several purposes: it helps people keep on top of new information on topics of interest, it makes this site a more useful reference for research purposes, and it contributes a diversity of opinion to discussions.

If there is a post or discussion on a topic of interest to you, you can sign up to receive updates by email. Just post a comment and check the ‘Notify me of followup comments via e-mail’ box. You can disable these notifications at any time, if you get sick of them.

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